Monday, September 21, 2015

Setting up our Classroom Community

Establishing rules in the classroom is very important. The process included many steps. We started with a chart titled: In first grade we... We added post-its to it when we thought of something that we do in first grade. Then, we grouped the post-its based on things that were the same. We came up with four groups: cleaning up, being quiet when supposed to, caring and kindness, and keep trying. Next, we looked at our school rules to see how they compared to what we had so far. We decided to use the same words because our groups fit into those groups! You can see our process on the chart paper and the finished rules written neatly with our hands pledging to follow them.

The students felt very strongly about including the "keep trying" group, but we decided that those things are not necessarily rules. That's why they are listed below the rules as things we will also do in the classroom and school.

Here are some photos of MORE work we did during the week. We practiced our new rules and kept trying for each of these activities!

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