Sunday, November 22, 2015

I can....write stories!

Since September the students have been writing! In the past month, they have been focusing on four targets to make their writing better. These targets are:

  • I can use an uppercase letter at the beginning of my sentences (lowercase letters for the rest).
  • I can use spaces between my words.
  • I can put a period at the ends of my sentences.
  • I can match my illustration to my writing.
This week we read the book, The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster. 


The kitchen window in her Nana and Poppy's house is a special place where magical things happen. Do you have a special place? We all do, and here are some of the stories the students wrote.

My special place is the YMCA. Because I do swimming.
Isla is at Primetime. My mom is watching me.
My special place is Albuquerque. My favorite place at New Mexico is
Itz. At Itz I like to play a Batman game. After I went rock climbing.
My special place is my house because my mom and dad are there. Sometimes my
baby sister Sadie comes out and gives me a hug.
My favorite place is my Nana's house because my Nana has a play room that
I play in. And my Nana's house is my special place because she has a playroom. And because I love her.

Stay tuned for more awesome writing!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

How Many Seeds In a Pumpkin?

It all started with this book:

Mr. Tiffin asks his class this question as they look at the small, medium, and large pumpkins on his desk. This leads the class to make predictions, get their hands messy, and explore counting larger numbers. Which pumpkin had the most seeds? Read the book or ask your child!

And now...our Pumpkin Project:

Small, small medium, medium, and large pumpkins

 Pink post-its: which pumpkin do you want to work with?
Blue post-its: which pumpkin do you think has the most seeds?

Medium pumpkin - Messy work!

 Small medium madness too!

Small pumpkin hiding behind the bowl!

Large pumpkin for many hands!


Counting the largest seeds from the largest pumpkin.

Groups of 10.

 Lines of 10.

Careful counting.

And the winner is...the largest pumpkin had the most with 525 seeds!
Look how close the other pumpkins were with their seed count!

We had a lot of fun doing this project!