Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Visit from Chewonki!

Chewonki is an environmental education organization based in Wiscasset. Each year, Skillin is fortunate to have teachers from Chewonki visit each grade level for an hour long program about various topics. The program in first grade is called, "Fur, Feathers, and Feet". Here is what our teacher, Matt, taught us and showed us:

Breathe air, have fur or hair, are warm blooded, mammals are born alive, drink milk...we are mammals!

                                                    Beaver paw - webbed for swimming

                                         Caribou's hooves help them to run fast on their toes

                                                   Echo the bat eating meal worms

                    A bear getting his under fur (for warmth) and guard fur (waterproof) put on

                                                                    A friendly bear!

Feathers for camouflage and to fly, have a beak, hatched from eggs

                 Bird skulls with different shaped beaks - long and thin feet for walking in the water

          Downy feathers keep a bird warm and outer feathers to fly and camouflage - cute birdie! 

                                                   Peepers the duck (thinks he's a person!)

                                                   A fun way to feel fur, feather, and feet!

If you would like to learn more about Chewonki, check them out here: Chewonki

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