Sunday, November 22, 2015

I can....write stories!

Since September the students have been writing! In the past month, they have been focusing on four targets to make their writing better. These targets are:

  • I can use an uppercase letter at the beginning of my sentences (lowercase letters for the rest).
  • I can use spaces between my words.
  • I can put a period at the ends of my sentences.
  • I can match my illustration to my writing.
This week we read the book, The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster. 


The kitchen window in her Nana and Poppy's house is a special place where magical things happen. Do you have a special place? We all do, and here are some of the stories the students wrote.

My special place is the YMCA. Because I do swimming.
Isla is at Primetime. My mom is watching me.
My special place is Albuquerque. My favorite place at New Mexico is
Itz. At Itz I like to play a Batman game. After I went rock climbing.
My special place is my house because my mom and dad are there. Sometimes my
baby sister Sadie comes out and gives me a hug.
My favorite place is my Nana's house because my Nana has a play room that
I play in. And my Nana's house is my special place because she has a playroom. And because I love her.

Stay tuned for more awesome writing!

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